Are you trying to create a legacy?

Giving to charity is a long tradition in America. Six out of ten U.S. households donated to charity. Families who make over $394,000 a year provide 1/3rd of all charitable dollars. Why? There are many reasons to donate your hard-earned income. Perhaps, you have a connection to your hospital, church, school, fraternity, or the thousands of other non-profit organizations that need your help. Nevertheless, you'll need to figure out the best way to donate that money. For some, it might be better to create a donor-advised fund, charitable remainder trust, others might utilize a Charitable Annuity, yet others may find that a preference to include it in your will. You might also consider the advantages of donating stock or property instead of cash or using the charitable donation to offset your alternative minimum tax (AMT).

We know figuring out how and when to donate can be essential to your portfolio. If this is a strategy you want to utilize, we are happy to help.

*Statistics provided by the Philanthropy Roundtable website