Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

  • Do you have a home you intend to leave to someone?

  • Would you like to minimize your taxes (income, gift, estate, state inheritance, and generation-skipping transfer taxes)?

  • Minimize cost of Lawyers, documents, accountants, and the probate process

  • Maximize the transfer of assets to your heirs and provide guardianship?

  • Ensure your Estate has sufficient liquidity to pay for costs that commonly arise around death? (Taxes, Funeral Expense, and medical cost)?

Everyone needs a basic estate plan to address health care issues, property management, and the transfer of property according to your wishes. MindWallet investment advisory has studied the requirements and many options available during this process and can provide guidance and referrals to various professionals. Often we have found tax benefits and provided guidance on wills, Powers of Attorney, Directives regarding health Care, Trusts, various property ownership, and assist with the probate process if desired. We can also assist in Estate and Gift Taxes