Tax Avoidance

Nobody likes paying taxes!

Tax avoidance is different from tax evasion. Running from taxes is to evade your taxes. That rarely works out. Instead, as your financial advisor, we can direct you towards different retirement plans, trust, and insurance vehicles, which will delay when you receive your money, ideally at a lower tax rate or no taxes at all. Eventually, the taxman is going to collect. However, using various savings and investment techniques can save you a lot of money by:

  1. Use long term gains and reduce dividends

  2. Create a retirement plan for your business

  3. Max out your retirement savings or use IRA

  4. Open a 529 College savings account

  5. Investing in government bonds

  6. Use a health savings account

  7. Claim tax credits

  8. Creating various trusts to move money, belongings, property, gifts, and businesses to family or friends,

  9. By utilizing insurance annuities and life insurance

  10. Use donations to offset income or inheritance

Scenarios we can help:

  • Receiving an inheritance

  • Selling your home

  • Retiring and taking a lump sum payment

  • Transferring wealth to your loved ones

  • Reducing income from a successful business

  • Roth Conversions

  • Home Loan Refinancing

  • Investing taxable savings

  • Trying to make more than the Bank CD or savings account

There are many ways to save on taxes and many different scenarios where you might need help. While we recommend, you consult with a licensed CPA accountant. Our job is to help you identify areas of need and help you through the process. We are happy to open retirement accounts and certain trust accounts through our brokerage.